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Virox Animal Health takes a Deliberately Different™ approach to biosecurity and infection prevention with revolutionary chemical disinfection technologies combined with in-use protocols to optimize effectiveness. Legacy disinfectants have more trade-offs than Rescue™ such as human and environmental safety, disinfection efficacy, cleaning efficacy, and compatibility.

After many years of validation and acceptance within the animal health scientific community, Virox received EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) registrations for a broad-spectrum of animal health specific claims for Rescue™ - a product that provides unparalleled solutions in the fight against deadly pathogens. Our technology platforms provide a responsible, sustainable, and effective disinfection solutions for hands, surfaces and devices... and pets love it!

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Selecting the ideal disinfectant requires more than just focusing on what the product kills. Potent disinfectants are easy to formulate, however can be harsh to the user, animals, and the environment. The challenge is to remain potent and minimize toxicity.

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) has accomplished this like no other. We are a Deliberately Different™ alternative to legacy chemistries that can be harsh to the user and the environment and are largely ineffective against many of the key pathogens in the animal health market. AHP is unique in its ability to help keep humans and animals free from infection, while being safe for users and patients. Rescue™ is the ideal choice for companion animal facilities.


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