Ark- Valley Humane Society is Committed to Serving Their County!

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Ark-Valley Humane Society is a non-profit organization that has been working to serve Chaffee County, Colorado since 1991. Over the years, Ark-Valley has expanded its facility to increase capacity and be able to care for even more stray dogs and cats. Volunteers and staff work diligently to shelter, care for, and find homes for animals in need while educating pet owners on how to best care for their furry family members. It is because of their incredible work in their county that we have awarded them our #RescueMyShelter Kit!  

Ark Valley is a small shelter that serves our entire county. We are a small mountain community and their services are extremely important to us. We have adopted several pets from their facility and they are always striving to keep as many animals as they possibly can for the size they are. We appreciate them!– Judy


Ark Valley they are best. I got my cat and dog from them! They are always in need of supply’s to clean, do laundry and keep the cages clean which is very important for the health of the animals!– Terri

Ark-Valley Humane Society has greatly impacted Chaffee County as they have seen an increase in the number of animals making use of their shelter to receive treatment, heal, learn social skills, and find their forever homes. Through their work, Ark-Valley found homes for over 580 pets in 2017! With an intake of “49.2 animals per 1000 residents” in Chaffee County in 2016, 19.2 animals higher than the national average, this shows just how gifted their staff and volunteers are at helping animals have a second chance by finding their perfect homes.

The Ark-Valley shelter is a no-kill shelter that serves the Chaffee County area in Colorado. It is our only shelter in the county. Luckily, it is a wonderful shelter staffed by some great, compassionate staff members whose #1 priority is looking out for the health and well-being of their animals.– Maria

Ark-Valley is committed to providing the best care possible. Their treatment and care of eight sled dogs who had gone for weeks without food, water or shelter during the winter months, is incredible! These dogs are now ready to find their forever homes, because of the second chance that they have been given!

*Please note: Video contains images of these dogs when they were first rescued, and may be disturbing to viewers.

In addition to caring for animals, Ark-Valley Humane Society also offers several programs throughout the county, to benefit animals, their owners, and Ark-Valley itself. “Do It Yourself” projects encourage residents to build toys and bake treats for the animals, while their Foster Program helps animals receive care in loving homes before they are officially adopted. Adoption Ambassadors also work to assist adopters in understanding how to best care for their new pets, while working to improve the animals’ quality of life!

Ark-Valley does such amazing work, and they deserve any and all help they can get!! They do fantastic rescue work in our little community. They are a no kill shelter and never say no to an animal in need. They need Rescue Disinfectants to help keep all those sweet babies healthy and happy. The photo I uploaded is a photo of Lola, whom we adopted from Ark-Valley after fostering her and her siblings.– Keli

Ark-Valley Humane Society loves Rescue® Veterinary Disinfectants because they are so versatile and powerful, helping to keep every area of their organization clean and free of harmful pathogens!

We switched to using only Rescue a little over a year ago and we haven’t looked back since! We use Rescue as a laundry detergent, to deep clean our kennels, to sanitize all our surfaces and more. Rescue has given us such comfort knowing that we’re using such a high power cleaner to maintain the health of our shelter population without harming them in any way. We are a small shelter trying to make a huge difference in Chaffee County, CO and beyond! We’d greatly appreciate this Rescue to continue to keep our population healthy and happy and ready to find their new homes!- Caitlin

It is because of their amazing work, and the wonderful messages that we received, that we were thrilled to be able to send them our #RescueMyShelter kit!

The #RescueMyShelter kit, includes;

1 – 30-gallon drum of Rescue® Concentrate Disinfectant

1 – Drum pump

1 – 1-gallon bottle of PeroxiWash™ Shampoo

12 – Canisters of Rescue® Ready-to-Use Wipes

Virox® Animal Health even covered the shipping costs.

We wish Ark-Valley Humane Society all the best in maintaining and growing their organization to continue to serve Chaffee County and the animals who are in desperate need of a home.

If you know of a shelter, who does incredible work in their communities and would benefit from our #RescueMyShelter kit, nominate them today!