Webinar: Best Practices for Animal Shelters 2021 and Beyond

Rescue Expert Blog

With Speaker Dr. Sara Pizano

In this webinar we will be exploring best practices in animal shelters and how implementing portals and the right disinfectant can decrease Upper Respiratory Infections and ultimately increase your live release

What are the “best practices” for providing shelter animals with the most compassionate environment?

This presentation discusses:

  • How to set up the animal welfare system in your community for guaranteed success
  • Advocating for responsible public policy
  • Population management best practices
  • Case studies of successful live outcome programs

Speaker’s Bio


Dr. Sara Pizano is the founder of Team Shelter USA, an advisor to the Million Cat  Challenge and the r. Sara Pizano received a masters from Columbia University in 1987 and a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Cornell University in 1994. She completed a rotating internship at the Animal Medical Center in NYC in 1995, then served as an associate veterinarian at North Shore Animal League before joining the Humane Society of Broward County in Florida as the Director of Veterinary Services. Dr. Pizano then used her experience working in leadership positions in both private and public shelters as program director developing Target Zero. Now the founder of Team Shelter USA, she has completed over 100 shelter and community assessments helping many organizations end euthanasia as population control. As the assessment team leader for the Million Cat Challenge, she coaches students and veterinarians from across the country to learn this invaluable approach. Her book, The Best Practice Playbook, is available for purchase on Amazon and anywhere you purchase your e-books.