How to Create a Fear Free Boarding and Daycare Environment

Rescue Expert Blog

Boarding and daycare environments are often fraught with potential stressors for dogs and cats. Pets are away from home, their family is gone, unfamiliar people and animals surround them, and their daily sleep/wake schedule is thrown off. But there are environmental modifications you can make that can help reduce stress and increase calm and safety for both pets and staff.

  • Immediately and effectively remove urine and feces both inside and outside of the facility
  • Remove FAS-inducing odors and pheromones with a safe, pet-friendly cleaner and disinfectant like Rescue™
  • Regularly clean and disinfect both inside and outside surfaces, such as floors, walls, artificial turf, furniture & equipment
  • Create familiar smells with known items
  • Utilize comforting scents, such as lavender, chamomile, vanilla & coconut
  • Utilize nonslip flooring
  • Ensure standing and resting surfaces are nonslip (especially important for interactions and care)
  • Increase positive predictability
  • Limit disruptions and stimuli exposure with barriers
  • Prioritize quality rest
  • Employ enrichment opportunities for pets
  • Utilize noise-reduction tools like sound panels, under door draft panels & neutral white noise
  • Play calming tunes, such as reggae, soft rock, classical music & audiobooks
  • Use dimmable, LED, or natural lighting when possible