Last Chance Ranch Receives the Products They Need in Time for 2018!

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The latest winner in our #RescueMyShelter campaign is Last Chance Ranch from Quakertown, Pennsylvania! Last Chance Ranch is an incredible organization that has been working to not only rescue and care for sick and abused animals, but hosts educational programs for animal owners to ensure that both the animals and their adopters remain happy.

Last Chance Ranch switched to Rescue® Veterinary Disinfectants back in August of this year, and have already seen an incredible change in the cleanliness of their shelter and the health of their animals.

Last Chance Ranch is a GREAT shelter that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes abused and neglected animals. They currently use Rescue in their shelter and having some more would be a great benefit to keep the animals happy and healthy on their road to finding that fur-ever home!– Emily

Last Chance Ranch just started using your product about 3 months ago and it has worked wonders! It simplifies all thekennel shifts and helps control the typical kennel odor! I firmly believe that this product is keeping healthier. By winning this contest we can help save money and be able to utilize the savings to help more animals in need!– Emily

Last Chance Ranch began when Lori McCutcheon saved ‘Sinner,’ a horse who was no longer able to be ridden, from possibly being sent to a meat market. After much care and love, Sinner was able to be ridden for almost 20 years! Now, Lori is the owner and founder of Last Chance Ranch and is committed to rehabilitating animals both physically and psychologically so that they can be placed in loving homes. She understands that education plays a significant role in helping pets and their owners establish a deeper relationship with each other, which is why Last Chance Ranch provides follow-up programs, seminars, and clinics to continue this rehabilitation and offer support to pet owners.

From equine to companion animals to everything in between, Last Chance Ranch works to save any animal in need, making it imperative that they use the best disinfectant that is safest for all animals.

It will ensure their kennels to be clean and prevent germs from spreading. It’s great because we used rescue for everything it has been able to replace several cleaning products we had to use now to just this one!– Andrea

Healthy critters make the best companions, and keeping their surroundings clean contributes to their health, and the health of those who care for them!– Helen

Last Chance Ranch is a public volunteer and not-for-profit organization that relies on the community to be able to continue their work. Rescue® Veterinary Disinfectants have allowed them to streamline their cleaning processes and reduce the number of disinfectants that they use, down to one! Not only does this save time, but it allows them to spend more time in caring for and interacting with their furry residents.

It allows us to clean and disinfect the kennels more efficiently than with the old method. We can get through the kennels more quickly so we can spend more time with the animals.– Ginette

Thank you to everyone who nominated Last Chance Ranch, by sending us testimonies and images! We were able to send the team at Last Chance Ranch our #RescueMyShelter kit, which includes;

1 – 30-gallon drum of Rescue® Concentrate Disinfectant

1 – Drum pump

1 – 1-gallon bottle of PeroxiWash™ Shampoo

12 – Canisters of Rescue® Ready-to-Use Wipes

Virox® Animal Health even covered the shipping costs.

Let’s help more shelters across the country be able to better disinfect and care for their animals in 2018. If you know a shelter who could benefit from Rescue® Veterinary Disinfectants, nominate them today!