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Does Your Vet Clinic Smell Like Poop?

Rescue Expert Blog

Veterinary clinics are designed to help keep pets healthy and happy. What happens, however, if your patients become too scared or nervous for their appointment? For years, it was believed that a pet’s fear of the vet was a reasonable response as it was their reaction to experiencing a new environment and receiving medical treatment. Their reluctance, however, may not be linked to the treatment that they receive, but to the clinic smelling like poop instead.

Harsh Odors

Did you know that disinfectants, such as bleach, can affect an animal’s behavior? Veterinary clinics are required to clean and disinfect their instruments and most equipment between each patient, with a disinfectant that can destroy pathogens. As humans, when we smell the scent of bleach or other harsh cleaners, we equate the smell with “cleanliness.” For a furry patient walking into your clinic, however, this scent can overwhelm and negatively impact their senses. When animals, especially dogs, are unable to process smells correctly they’re losing their primary sense, smell, with a condition known as nose blindness. Nose blindness can cause dogs to become anxious and fearful of their surroundings, making a trip to the vet an unenjoyable experience for the pet and its owner.

What We Can’t Smell

When an animal is scared or anxious, it releases pheromones to communicate this message to other animals. Pheromones are chemical substances that are created and released from glands throughout the animal’s body. When these pheromones are analyzed by future patients visiting the clinic, it automatically causes them to become anxious themselves, affecting their behavior and causing them to release more fear pheromones. Before you know it, a continuous cycle has been created, causing your clinic to be feared by pets.

Pheromones Surrounding Your Clinic

Did you know that fear pheromones can be surrounding your clinic, too? Pheromones can be left by anxious patients not only within the clinic but outside the clinic as well! Surfaces such as the corner of the building, the curb, or a nearby pole can be covered in fear pheromones released by animals rubbing against the area, or by marking their territory. As a result, other pets who approach the building become anxious before they even step into the clinic, as they can smell the fear of previous animals through the pheromones that have been released.

Help Your Clinic NOT Stink

How does your clinic really smell? Unfortunately, humans cannot smell bleach or fear pheromones as animals do, but we can ensure that these scents are removed from the inside and outside of your clinic altogether!

Through the regular use of Rescue® Veterinary Disinfectants, your clinic can be odor neutral, creating a welcoming environment for all of your patients! Rescue’s® unique formula uses Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®), to destroy harmful pathogens without leaving an odor. It works to remove the build-up of other cleaning products on the surface of your tools and equipment as well. Rescue® is also designed to remove pheromones that are left behind both inside and outside your clinic, through our wipes and liquids! Not only can you ensure that your clinic is clean, but that your patients will not encounter harsh smells or fear pheromones when they come to visit, allowing you to do your best work.

To learn more about the benefits of Rescue® Veterinary Disinfectants, and why they are deliberately different, visit our website or contact our team!