AHP® Compatibility Chart

All chemistries have their unique challenges. No disinfectant is compatible with 100% of all materials. Additionally, incompatibility of a disinfectant with a given substrate is rarely an immediate issue, but rather something that is apparent over time. The extensive testing that has been conducted using AHP, in house by Virox, through our partners and distributors and externally by medical device and equipment manufacturers, has found that AHP is compatible with most commonly used materials. In general, AHP shows excellent compatibility with all hard, non-porous surfaces such as stainless steel, laminate, porcelain, ceramics, high & low density plastics, acrylics, resins and silicon rubber, etc.

The chart below provides a comprehensive list of tested materials, equipment and devices.

Please note, these ratings are for guidance purposes only, as the quality of some materials can vary by manufacturer.

Rating Legend:
No effect to integrity of material.
Possible minor effects such as slight discolouration. Periodic rinsing is optional.
Moderate effect, not recommended for prolonged use. Check with manufacturer of device/surface and/or contact Virox or Partners for testing validation. If used, rinsing and drying after each application is recommended.
Severe Effect
Not recommended for use. If used, you must ensure rinsing and drying after each application.
Do Not Use
Do not use.

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