How Can Shelters and Rescues Improve the Emotional States of Dogs using Empathy 

Hosted by: Dr. Marty Becker and Mal Schwartz


Why Veterinary Medicine (and the Avengers) is a team sport 

Hosted by: David Liss


Emergency And Disaster Response In A Pandemic

Hosted by: Brandi Phillips and Dr. Lawrence Garcia


Dogs on the move – Mitigating infectious disease while saving lives through international dog transport
Hosted by: Katherine Polak, DVM, MPH, MS, DACVPM, DABVP (Shelter Medicine Practice)


Pet Services Infection Prevention Strategies: Waging war on germs

Hosted by: Dr. Jason Stull


Recommended Operational Changes for Veterinary Practices 2020- 21 during COVID
Hosted by: Bash Halow, Nicole Kenny, Kim Rovtar & Isabel DeOliveira.

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Zoonoses, disasters, and veterinarians…oh my!
Hosted by: Dr. Jenifer Chatfield


Opening the Door to Lifesaving: How Portals Can Save Shelter Cats
Hosted by: Dr. Sara Pizano
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Thinking Differently about Websites 
Hosted by: Robert Sanchez


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Working Dogs
Hosted by: Dr. Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB, IAABC-CABC


Ask an Infection Prevention Expert
Hosted by: Nicole Kenny, HBSc, Assoc Chem


Zoonoses and preparedness in the Anthropocene
Hosted by: Dr. Craig Stephen


COVID-19 & COMPANION ANIMAL SETTINGS: Practical measures for protecting your team and your clients in returning back to business
Hosted by: Jose Ramirez
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The Increased Value of Employee Engagement in our COVID-19 World
Hosted by: Dr. Mike Pownall
How not to be my patient: A physician’s secrets for staying healthy and surviving any diagnosis and the healing power of fur, fins, and feathers.
Hosted by: Dr. Edward Creagan

Welcome Back to Business As Unusual; Practicing Tomorrow’s Veterinary Medicine Today
Hosted by: Dr. Marty Becker and Teresa Mariscal

Potential Uses of Cannabinoids (Industrial hemp oils) in Pets
Hosted by: Dr. Joli Jarboe
Getting Healthy Together Strengthens the Human Animal Bond
Hosted by: Kara M. Burns 
STRONGER TOGETHER: Building healthier human-animal bonds in the 21st Century
Hosted by: Meg Olmert

Coping in Uncertain Times
Hosted by: Dr. Nadine Hamilton


Infection Prevention is everyone's business
Presented by: Virox Animal Health and Elanco


Who Will Care for Your Pet? Make a Plan Today
Hosted by: Dr. Sara Pizano, Dr. Amelia Sikora, Dr. Elizabeth Berliner


Finding Connection in Times of Challenge.
Hosted by: Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson and Beckie Mossor, RVT


Zoonotic Diseases: What are they and how do we prepare?​​​​​
Hosted by: Kelly Thyssen


Best Practice Strategies Before, During, and After the Pandemic.
Hosted by: Dr. Sara Pizano


Coronavirus (COVID-19) in veterinary and animal group settings
Hosted by: Dr. Jason Stull and Dr. Scott Weese
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What is a Pandemic?


What are Outbreaks?


Zoonotic Diseases


Cleaning & Disinfection




How to Handle a Sick Animal


Rebuilding After an Outbreak


One Health


Zoonotic Influenza

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