Clark County Animal Shelter Gets The Products They Need

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Clark County Animal Shelter has been making an incredible impact in their community for years, which can be seen through the amazing nominations that we have received over the past few weeks! We have read messages from adopters, volunteers, neighboring shelters and more. After experiencing a fire a few months back, Clark County Animal Shelter is working hard to be able to better serve their furry occupants. Thanks to your kind messages, we have been able to help.

The young lady that runs this shelter is one of the most passionate animal rights advocates out there. She also helps investigate cruelty and neglect cases for the county, and stays super busy. I’m sure that the disinfectants would help keep all the animals in her charge safe and healthy.- Carrie

Clark County Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter that relies solely on donations, volunteers, and Clark County as well. Their goal is to be able to continue to provide homes for all stray cats and dogs in the county, not only saving them from euthanization but finding them a loving home as well.

Your generous gift will have the shelter maintain a clean environment so that no germs are spread and animals remain healthy. This will enable them to spend their money on food and sheltering additional pets for adoption. I don’t know what I would’ve done without our rascal. –Jeananne


Although this shelter has used Rescue® Veterinary Disinfectants in the past, they were only able to do so sparingly due to the cost of maintaining the shelter! Through receiving the #RescueMyShelter Kit, they now have enough product to maintain a clean and welcoming space for dogs, cats, and those who volunteer their time to work with them!

A fire has compromised the hygiene of the shelter. This is a high volume shelter that is kept afloat by volunteer time and money. Rescue disinfectants would greatly reduce the stress of the volunteers and the animals will appreciate a clean kennel. –Sofia

Clark County Animal Shelter has received,

  • 1 – 30-gallon drum of Rescue® Concentrate Disinfectant
  • 1 – Drum pump
  • 1 – 1-gallon bottle of PeroxiWash™ Shampoo
  • 12 – Canisters of Rescue® Ready-to-Use Wipes

All shipping costs have been covered by Virox® Animal Health.

Not only will these products help staff and volunteers disinfect surfaces and equipment quickly and easily, but the benefits of Rescue® Veterinary Disinfectants will be felt by other shelters that they work with, as well as by those looking to welcome a furry member to the family!

The shelter will continue to provide safe, clean conditions for their dogs and pups. Then they send them east to us at Homeward Bound Schenectady NY, where families adopt healthy happy dogs and pups.-Diane

My dogs came from this shelter. We love them so much and every animal deserves to live in a clean, healthy environment! The less money that the shelter has to spend on disinfectants, the more money they can spend on the other urgent pet needs. Please help to keep these animals healthy, safe and happy and get them their forever homes!- Jamie

Our shelter has previously used Rescue Disinfectants for our cat holding area. Our staff was very happy with the effectiveness of the product’s cleaning ability and the overall decrease in upper respiratory infections in our felines. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints we are not always able to afford Rescue Disinfectants even just in our cat area. We would love to be able to use Rescue not only in our cat area but all over the shelter. It makes a difference when guests walk in the door and aren’t overwhelmed by the smell of chemicals and cleaners such as bleach. I know this would create a more inviting environment for guests that visit the shelter and will create a healthier atmosphere for the animals in our care.- Adreanna

We are so thrilled to have been able to provide Clark County Animal Shelter with the products they need to be able to continue their incredible work in Clark County! If you know of a shelter that could benefit from our #RescueMyShelter kit, nominate them today!