Understanding the Importance of Contact Time for Proper Disinfection

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Understanding the importance of contact time is key to choosing a disinfectant and using it properly. “Contact time” simply means the length of time that a disinfectant must remain wet on a surface to successfully kill pathogens.

Different Chemicals Will Have Different Contact Times

All disinfectants have a contact time listed on their product label. Different chemicals will have longer or shorter times depending on their mode of action. However, in all cases the surface must remain wet for the entire contact time. If the surface dries early, it is entirely possible that pathogens have not been destroyed.

Ensure That Your Contact Time is Realistic for Your Facility

Many disinfectants have a 10 minute contact time. Consider what this means – will you need to reapply the disinfectant a second time to keep it wet for the full 10 minutes. Is this contact time realistic in a fast-pace facility?

Understanding how important it is for surfaces to remain wet for the entire contact time, you must now create a protocol that allows for the required contact time to be met while keeping drying in mind.

With Rescue contact times range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.  These contact times are relatively quick when compared to other disinfectants. Plus, Rescue’s dry time is as long as or longer than other formulations. Taken together, Rescue is a great choice to use as part of an efficient disinfection protocol for your practice.