Webinar: Pushing Play for a Fear Free Boarding and Daycare Stay 

Rescue Expert Blog

Keeping Dogs Happier and More Relaxed in Boarding and Daycare Facilities

With Fear Free’s Lead Trainer Mikkel Becker

Fear Free’s Lead Trainer Mikkel Becker provides easy and practical tips you can apply to create a more Fear Free, welcoming environment that keeps dogs in a happier, more relaxed state during their arrival and stay at your boarding and daycare facility.


  • How to create a Fear Free and less stressful entry and movement of the pet into the facility with a strategic setup 
  • Which environmental modifications you can stage to create a more serene stay for pets. 
  • How to change body posture and interactions to create a more cooperative, voluntary interaction and care experience for your clients

Speaker’s Bio

Mikkel Becker

CBCC – KA, CDBC, KPA CTP, CPDT – KA , BA Communications

Certified trainer and behavior consultant Mikkel Becker is the lead trainer for Fear Free, LLC as well as the host of the Happy Paws podcast. Mikkel lives with two pug mixes, Indiana Bones and Otis; her full-body-wags large mixed-breed rescue, Nova; and her horse, Chili—all whom help her champion reward-based training. She is also the co-author of “From Fearful to Fear Free.”