Give Your Practice A Little Love

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Valentine’s day may be over for another year, but love is still in the air! We know how much you love working with animals and providing the best care possible, but did you know that you can give your practice a little more love? As you take down your Valentine’s Day decorations, why not replace them with some best practices and disinfectants that are sure to help your practice stand out and show how much you care for your team and your patients?

Pick the Right Disinfectant

One of the biggest misconceptions that we have heard from veterinary nurses is that all disinfectants are exactly the same. This could not be farther from the truth, as every disinfectant is unique and can impact your practice and your patients in different ways. From it’s composition to how it must be used to the pathogens that it is capable of destroying, each disinfectant must be used correctly to ensure that your disinfectant practices are resulting in creating a welcoming environment. We have seen an evolution of disinfectants that are available on the market over the years, as nurses have progressed from using Chlorine and Alcohol-based disinfectants to Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid-based disinfectants, but one composition that is changing the industry is Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®. Not only does this work to provide incredibly fast contact times and destroy pathogens the first time, but it is also designed to break down into oxygen and water, making sure that the only thing that is being spread through your practice is love for your patients, your staff, and the environment.

Provide Proper Training

How many times have you heard the saying, “It’s not my job?” While this is a typical statement made by professionals in industries across the board, this is one that many veterinary nurses hear on a daily basis by their team. Although every member of your team may have their own roles and responsibilities, keeping your practice free from harmful pathogens should be a common goal! From the moment a patient enters into your practice to the moment they leave, every area that they visit must be disinfected. From keyboards, computer mice, and light switches, to stethoscopes, exam rooms and cages for overnight guests, infection prevention is a task that everyone must add to their daily routine. Who better to ensure that a practice is free of pathogens than those who work closely with the patients who may be bringing them into your practice in the first place?

Not sure how to encourage your team to utilize the disinfectants that are available to them regularly? Through providing in-person training, helpful documentation, and encouraging team members to participate in educational programs such as our new learning portal called, “If You Only Knew,” you can empower team members to be proud of their disinfection practices!

Remember Why You Started

Many incidences can cause you and your team to lose sight of why you chose to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. While this is a familiar issue that individuals experience in any job, the solution is the same; remember why you started. Through remaining passionate about helping animals receive the best care that they can, creating a welcoming place for them to get the treatment they need will show just how much you care for their well-being!

At Rescue Veterinary Disinfectants®, we want to help you spread the love instead of germs! Fill out the form below to receive your free sample pack of Rescue Ready-To-Use Wipes®, and find out how using the right disinfectant can make all of the difference!


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