[Video & PDF] How to Clean and Disinfect a Play Yard or Artificial Grass

Rescue Expert Blog

Artificial turf is great for pets to play on, but can harbor pathogens and lead to the spread of infection. It is important that artificial turf in your yards or other areas is regularly cleaned and disinfected to keep pets healthy and safe.

Start with Using the Right Equipment

For disinfecting artificial turf, we recommend using a foaming application, such as a hose-end foamer, to apply Rescue™ Concentrate to the surface. Using a hose-end foamer will help you quickly cover the entire area and allows easy visualization of where Rescue™ has been applied. It is important to ensure that you have covered the entire surface with Rescue™ for proper disinfection.

6 Steps to Disinfecting Artificial Turf and Outdoor Areas

  1. Before disinfecting, remove all pets from outdoor areas. It is important to remember to remove any visible soils or liquids as much as possible, including raking away any hair. This will allow for proper disinfection.
  2. When using the Rescue™ Concentrate for daily disinfection, we recommend using a dilution of 1:64 or 2 ounces per gallon of water. For situations where you may have a suspected outbreak, we recommend a stronger dilution of 1:16 dilution or 8 ounces per gallon of water.
  3. While Rescue™ is generally compatible with artificial turf materials, we recommend conducting a spot test on a small corner of the turf to observe if there will be any damage to the integrity of the material. Conduct this test before proceeding to disinfect the entire area.
  4. Once the spot test has been completed, spray the area from side to side, up and down ensuring to cover all surface areas. Flip and spray the play equipment at the same time.
  5. Allow the surface to remain wet for five minutes. This is the required contact time for disinfection with Rescue.
  6. Allow the surface to air dry or rinse with clean water before allowing animals to return to the area.