5 Infection Prevention Resources for Pet Boarding & Daycare and Grooming Businesses

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Screening Checklist for Pet Boarding and Day Care

Screening pets for illness before, or as they enter the facility is critical for keeping infections out. Use this resource to protect the health of your dog, guests, and human staff from harmful infections.

It’s Critical to Vaccinate to Ensure Pets Have a Great Stay

This resource highlights the importance of reviewing your client’s vaccine history in order to prevent disease at your facility as well as the key vaccines dogs and cats should be getting.

Stay Up to Date with Vaccinations

Disease can spread before, during, and even after an illness. For most respiratory diseases, dogs and cats are most contagious BEFORE they appear sick.

Cleaning Isn’t Enough, You Have to Disinfect to Keep Pets and People Safe from Disease

Learn the key steps to effective cleaning and disinfecting in order to keep your facility safe from disease.

Improve Air Quality to Reduce the Spread of Disease

Learn how the air can make people and pets sick as well as what you can do to keep the air clean to keep people and pets safe.