Spring Tips To Start the Season Off Right

Rescue Expert Blog

Mark your calendars, because spring is here! We have been lucky over the past few weeks as warm temperatures, the twittering of birds and the first signs of new life have begun to make an appearance. When the temperatures start to rise, we can’t help but get in the mood for some spring cleaning. If you are looking to give your veterinary practice some TLC over the next few weeks, here are two tips to help you and your team make the most of this spring weather!

Reevaluate and Refresh

A successful veterinary practice works hard to provide the best care for their patients while establishing a strong team of veterinary nurses who are passionate about what they do. While it can be easy to fall into a pattern of processes and procedures to maintain daily operations, it may be time to reevaluate the environment that you create for your patients! This season, take a few moments to inspect equipment and tools. Corrosion from frequent disinfection and general wear and tear can prevent you and your team from doing your best work, so be sure to replace any tools or items that have seen better days.

Now, it’s time to reevaluate the disinfectants that you use. Here are a few questions to ask yourself;

1.) Does my current disinfectant have a strong odor?

2.) Is our contact-time preventing us from using tools and equipment when needed?

3.) Can it be used on all surfaces, including phones, scales, water dishes, etc.,?

4.) Are tools and surfaces showing signs of corrosion?

5.) Can you dispose of your disinfectant down the sink?

Once you have answered these questions, ask your team about the current disinfection practices that are in place. Are they comfortable with the product? If not, it may be time for a change.

Over the past few months, veterinary practices across the country have made the switch to Rescue® Veterinary Disinfectants, leaving behind harsh disinfectants and the complex processes and procedures that come with them. From its short contact time to its scent-free formula to the way it maintains the quality of tools and equipment, Rescue has changed how practices and team members view the disinfection process. If you are interested in trying Rescue Veterinary Disinfectants, get a free sample today!

Always Be Learning!

Veterinary medicine is continually changing, as there is always a new procedure to learn, revised methods of diagnosing patients to implement, and incredible new products to try! While conferences, online courses, studies, videos, and books can provide you and your team with information about ground-breaking technologies and recent scientific findings regarding the field of veterinary medicine, when was the last time you attended a course on infection prevention with a focus on proper disinfection practices?

We know how important it is for you and your team to prevent the spread of pathogens in your veterinary practice, as not only can they affect current patients but they can impact the health of future patients as well! What if we told you, however, that you could become certified as a Veterinary Infection Preventionist in your practice? “If You Only Knew…” is a three-part online course created by NAVTA and Virox Animal Health, that has been designed to educate and empower veterinary nurses in shelters and practices across the country! In just 30 minutes, you and your team can learn how you can better disinfect surfaces and equipment. To learn more, please click here.

Start off this new season by knowing that you are using the best product for your staff and your patients and that you have the knowledge and resources for handling whatever this year brings! Have questions? Contact our team!