Virox® and NAVTA Launch, “If You Only Knew…”

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These past few months, we have shared just how crucial it is to for veterinary practices to disinfect surfaces and equipment to prevent the spread of pathogens and to create an environment that is welcoming for patients and staff. We are therefore proud to announce that our parent company, Virox® Animal Health, and The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) have partnered to create a brand new 3-part online course to further educate veterinary technicians on the importance of choosing and utilizing the right disinfectant for their practice!

Disinfecting surfaces, although necessary, can quickly become a mundane task as this process must be repeated numerous times a day, several days a week. That’s why Virox® and NAVTA have created an online education portal to provide a fresh perspective on disinfecting practices and procedures with a specific focus on cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention.

What truly makes this course exciting is that it can be completed at any time, anywhere! Veterinary technicians do not have to take time out of their busy schedule to tune into webinars or attend a class in-person, but can instead log on to the newly craft education portal, now available at

This 3-part online course, titled “If You Only Knew…” discusses the immense impact that disinfectants can have on patients, equipment, and staff in a veterinary practice. To further educate and inform veterinary technicians, this course is specifically designed to provide actionable tips on how to create a space that is not only free of harmful pathogens, but that is safer for patients and staff. The first module will share how strong scents, which many disinfectants contain, can affect a patient’s overall experience (spoiler alert: strong smells can be scary!). Modules 2 and 3 of the course teach veterinary technicians how they can best navigate the disinfectant landscape while researching and implementing a disinfection strategy that suits the need of their practice.

Want to hear something even more exciting? Each of the three modules is approximately 10 minutes in duration! In 30 minutes time, those who have completed the course will feel confident in researching, implementing and utilizing new infection prevention strategies and products that will truly make a difference in their practice and their patient’s health and well-being. As an educated and informed disinfectant decision maker, you will be able to assist your practice in utilizing disinfectants properly, allowing your team to remove harmful pathogens the first time.

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