[Webinar] Pet Services Infection Prevention Strategies

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A proven approach for keeping illness out of pet boarding, daycare, training, veterinary and grooming facilities

Pet boarding, daycare, training, veterinary, and grooming facilities have unique requirements for keeping dog and cat guests healthy. The close contact with other animals and people, indoor air quality, and varied immunity of the animal guests creates an ideal opportunity for the spread of illness among pets.
Introduction and spread of disease in a facility is financially costly, emotionally draining, and when it occurs, can result in the long-term loss of facility reputation and client trust. There are numerous ways to protect pets at your facility (along with your staff and pet parents), but which of these methods are the most useful and cost-effective? This webinar will unpack an evidence-based approach to combat infectious disease risks at your facility. Learn from experts in the pet care industry and put their pearls into practise to make the best choices for your facility.​​​​​​​

Speaker’s Bio

Jason Stull, VMD, MPVM, PhD, DACVPM

Webinar Presenter

Karen Stasiak, MSN, DVM


Annette Uda


Carmen Rustenbeck