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Creating a Fear Free Environment With Dr. Marty Becker

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The human- animal bond is something that should not be compromised in any way, but due to current veterinary practices, that relationship is being tested with every check-up and treatment. America’s Veterinarian, Marty Becker is working to change the entire veterinarian experience with Fear Free, through “taking the pet out of petrified and putting the treat back into treatment.”

For years, we have been looking at the physical well-being of animals but have been overlooking their emotional welfare. Fear Free was created by Marty Becker after listening to a veterinarian behaviorist explain the harsh psychological effects that current veterinarian practices were currently inflicting. Marty Becker knew that there had to be a better way to treat animals, so he chose to create educational programs and training that remove fear, anxiety, and stress, to assist veterinarians in providing better care and treatment.

We met with Marty Becker the other day to discuss the Fear Free method, and how Rescue® has been instrumental in creating an environment that is not only welcoming for animals, but that helps both animals and pet owners enjoy the entire veterinary experience as well.

“When something is odor-neutral; to me, that smells clean, and as a healthcare professional you know that it’s done its job.”

Marty Becker is arguably an advocate for animals and animal health, so when he heard about Rescue®, he wanted to know more. He was intrigued specifically by the fast disinfection contact time, referring to it as a “killing machine.” He was also interested in its odor-neutral and fragrance-free properties as well, as it is believed in the industry that if you can smell bleach in a veterinary clinic, it must be clean and safe for all animals. This is not the case, however. After much research, Marty Becker found that the faint smell of bleach can cause animals to go nose blind, which is equivalent to humans losing their sense of sight. Once an animal goes nose blind, they lose their ability to navigate and understand their surroundings, creating a fear-filled environment.

For Marty Becker, odor-free disinfectants are crucial to helping create a fear-free experience for pets. Rescue®’s odor-free disinfecting power does not end there, however. Marty Becker went on to explain the importance of stopping the spread of fear pheromones that can be passed on from animal to animal.

A stethoscope can either be the best thing or the worst thing for a pet. Let’s say that this stethoscope has never been cleaned; so we haven’t seen a case of influenza, kennel cough or parvo, every pet that comes in that’s scared puts a fear pheromone on this stethoscope. When another pet comes in and smells this fear pheromone that has been released, it is an automatic trigger to panic at a stem cell level. So now what we do between each patient, is we take a Rescue® wipe and we wipe down a stethoscope

between every visit and we wipe back across it with a pheromone wipe; so off with the bad and on with the good.

Through maintaining a clean environment by utilizing Rescue® wipes and sprays and removing any trace of fear pheromones, animals can begin to enjoy their time at a veterinary clinic and get the care that they need to lead a healthy life. To Marty Becker, not only does the animal win in this scenario, but the veterinarian and the pet owner win as well.

To create a fear-free environment where animals receive the best care that they can, is Marty Becker’s goal, and you can see the love and passion that he has for helping animals remain calm, happy and healthy. It is incredible to be able to contribute to creating a fear-free environment as not only does Rescue® help keep pets safe from dangerous bacteria and pathogens, but it provides individuals with peace of mind that their animals are the happiest that they can be.

Click here to learn more about Fear Free and the incredible work that Marty Becker is doing, or contact us to get a free sample of Rescue® disinfectants. Help your clinic become fear-free today.

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